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Fabwelt creates a gaming platform that brings blockchain technology into the core of high-quality games of all types or genres. Games like 3D First Person Shooters, Action-adventures games, Simulation games, Strategy games, Fantasy gaming, etc. will be developed for the Fabwelt Gaming Ecosystem. The wide variety of games will attract gamers all over the world. We integrate in-game NFT technology, Play to Earn and DeFi right into the core of these games. In-game NFTs not just as collectables, but as strategic utilities, Play to Earn on a whole other scale never seen before, and DEFI, like staking opportunities and in-game farming. This is what Fabwelt will bring you!


The start of the biggest gaming ecosystem

Arsenal is a 3D First Person Shooter (FPS) game developed by Fabwelt with it’s unique in-Game NFTs as utilities and Play to Earn. It features fascinating tournaments with extraordinary maps and features. Developed with Unity and integrated over blockchain. Status: MVP
Fanwelt is a fantasy sports gaming platform under Fabwelt ecosystem. It is where users participate in one or many sporting tournaments to bag daily rewards and tournaments prizes. Status: In Development


High-end Games

Play To Earn

Gaming Ecosystem

Staking Rewards

In-Game NFTs

DEFI Gameplay

In-Game NFT

The in-game NFT technology that we provide will be far more extended than the use as collectables only. We introduce NFT tech in our games as usable utilities supplemented by the known use cases as collectables. Using NFTs as in-game utilities means players can use specific NFTs that they own for one-time special features/actions during gameplay.

DEFI Gameplay

During the gameplay, Fabwelt integrates Decentralized Finance (DeFi) for players to capitalize in yields by staking fabwelt tokens to earn partner tokens. Gamers now have the opportunity to maximize their incentives by tournament prizes while generating passive income with high APR/APY during gameplay.

Fabwelt IDO

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Initial Circulating Supply: 97.5 Million Welt

25,000,000 Tokens (5%) are reserved for Seed Round

10,000,000 Tokens (2%) are reserved for Strategic Round

2,500,000 Tokens (0.5%) are reserved for Public Sale

75,000,000 Tokens (15%) are reserved for Community / Marketing

20,000,000 Tokens (4%) are reserved for Advisor

20,000,000 Tokens (4%) are reserved for Private Round

40,000,000 Tokens (8%) are reserved for IDO / Launchpad

175,000,000 Tokens (35%) are reserved for Staking and Gaming Rewards

25,000,000 Tokens (5%) are reserved for Team

30,000,000 Tokens (6%) are reserved for Exchange Liquidity

243 million (49%) tokens are locked for ecosystem

77,500,000 Tokens (15.5%) are reserved for Ecosystem Development


Building the future

Our mission is to enable the most innovative blockchain technology companies to bring new and disruptive business models to market and to access these new capital markets.

Start Development

Game development Arsenal
In-game NFT tech
Chainsafe integration
NFT Market
Marketing Phase 1
Polygon testnet deploy Arsenal
Community testing

Marketing & Community

Marketing phase 2
Website upgrade
Bounty program
Building community
Start development Fantasy gaming
Update Arsenal in-game NFTs

Fundraising & Launching

Seed fundraising
Private fundraising
Strategic fundrasing
Marketing phase 3
IDO & Public sale
DEX & CEX listings phase 1
Mainnet launch Arsenal
Staking portal

More development

Development gaming ecosystem
Development gamersportal
Weekly tournaments
New games
Marketing phase 4
DEX & CEX listings phase 2
Mainnet launch Fantasy gaming Platform

Building up

Launch gamersportal
Weekly tournaments
New games
Marketing phase 5
DEX & CEX listings phase 3

We keep going!

Weekly tournaments
New games
Marketing phase 6
DEX & CEX listings phase 4

Our Team

Meet a Crew of Professionals

Abhishek V.

Gaming | Blockchain | Unity3D

Jemelito Constantino


Urvashi Sharma

Graphic Designer

Our Advisors

Guarantee Of The Project Success
Kevin Abdulrahman

Kevin Abdulrahman is the trusted advisor & strategist to some of the hottest crypto projects in the NFT/Gaming space. He is also a public speaking coach to CEOs, founders and world leaders.

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