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Fabwelt is one of the fastest growing independent gaming studios on the blockchain. Officially listed in 2021, Our team hold the skills ready to deliver real performing games on the blockchain.

Our newly launched 3D FPS “Arsenal” is a token of credibility which demonstrates that our team is geared to build and develop quality gaming infrastructure for PC, Mobile and Console platforms. We strive to create new and exciting blockchain gaming experiences for the world.

Our development team currently offer support to numerous blockchain projects. If your company are looking for leading gaming development services, please contact us with your proposal.

Battle Saga

Battle Saga is a ‘Clash of Clan’ inspired next generation strategic game that enables users to Earn-Without-Playing. It is a futuristic decentralized NFT game that aspires to provide groundbreaking gaming experiences to its users with De-Fi tools, DAO governance and above all, with its own metaverse.

 The gaming aspects include virtual real estate along with a battle system where players can earn profit by attacking or defending. Players can upgrade buildings to increase their value on the marketplace and can also earn without playing with the defence victory aspect of the game.

penguin karts

Penguin Karts is a battle racing game, where drivers race against each other and compete for prizes and in-game swag. The platform will feature a secondary marketplace where players can buy and sell items they earn in-game. Penguin Karts will deploy on the Fantom ecosystem which has the most robust set of play-to-earn tools available for games.

 PGK is the native utility token that is used for:

*Unlocks the in-game marketplace for players to buy and sell items for tokens *skins *gear *collectibles *swag

 In addition to the utility for the fungible tokens, the NFTs have an added layer of utility for staking. Staking the Penguin Kart 2D NFT will earn 3D NFT rewards claimable on the Fantom chain.


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